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More DirecTV stuff, family stuff and general hoo-ha

I've been messing around with my DirecTV box and there are a couple of rather cool features on it. One which I don't use (because I primarily use a cell phone at present) is the Caller ID feature. You plug a phone into the box and when someone calls, the ID appears on the screen. Another is the "Autotune" feature where you can program your DirecTV box to automatically go to a channel at a specific time of day, have it repeat, et cetera. A little difficult to use but I was able to figure it out. Having "sets" of channels is also a good feature because there are a ton of them. I have a range set that suits me.


Sis is visiting for a few days. She is enjoying our new DirecTV as well. Our family has always been one that has watched lots of television. When growing up we were always around the tube in one way or another.


Speaking of family, Pop has to go through a few more procedures before he's back to 100%. There's this thing he has to do that we jokingly call a "roto-rooter" job where they have to open up an artery, fill it with something to open it up so the blood in his leg flows more freely. Evidently the amputated toe didn't fix all the problems because there's blockage of some sort. Fortunately this procedure is a one day thing and painless.


I've been reading over what I've been writing lately and holy crap have I gone on a geek-writing binge, but you know, that's okay. I'm really into tech, what can I say. (grin) In my early days of blogging that's all I used to do mostly and I'm going back to writing about that again. There's nothing wrong with that. My site is known to have search engine results from people looking for tech-help anyway, so it's all good.


With that said, here's the latest in the tech dept.:

I have successfully gotten my file server to have its NetBIOS name "seen" again by the laptop on wireless, but the fact I had to do a workaround still bugs the crap out of me.

I took an older PC I had lying around and installed SuSE Linux 9.1 on it. I'm relatively familiar with it and can remote control it easily which is the reason I used that. Right now it's sitting in stock form. Sometime this week or weekend I will attempt to make it into a PDC (Primary Domain Controller) with Samba. Then I will have all my Windows boxes use it as a true logon domain which should resolve all the stupid Windows workgroup problems I've been having. Besides which, it will give me an excuse to install the Linux version of ELE BBS on it to see how that flies. I believe you can get DOS doors to work on that via WINE, but we'll see.


Plans will go into effect relatively soon for the big move.. a lot sooner than I thought. But that's not a bad thing. If all goes according to plan, I should be in a place much better than where I am now.

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