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more indications the pc is going the way of the dodo

Wal-Mart, love 'em or hate 'em, is a good place to see what's out there right now for PCs. And at present, a rather large chunk of what's in stock are refurbs that the retail chain is desperately trying to get rid of by selling them at fire sale prices.

At present, Wal-Mart appears to have tons, and I mean tons of PCs in their warehouses that have been sitting there for months if not years that they're trying like hell to get rid of. And I'm pretty sure the only reason they're labeled as "refurb" is probably just to give an incentive to buy, as I'm pretty sure many are in fact brand new.

A few examples:

Dell Refurbished GX520 with Intel Pentium 4 - Yep, it's under $200 for one of these. It's a 3GHz P4 CPU, but think about this for a second. Who makes single-core P4 PCs anymore? How long do you think these have been sitting around? Probably a good long while. But in all seriousness, one of these would make a bitchin' small file server.

Acer Refurbished Black Aspire AM3470G-UW10P - This one is under $275, but you have to watch your ass here because you'll probably have to take it apart and reseat everything before using it. A few reviews say this is junk, but I'm 99% sure this is because those who bought it didn't crack open the case and check to make sure everything was seated proper. For the price here you get a friggin' QUAD-CORE along with a 500GB HDD for under 300 bucks. Totally worth it if you know how to take PCs apart to check for stuff before operating the box.

HP Refurbished DC5700 - This one will make you laugh at first, but hear me out. This has a Pentium D 3.4GHz, the OS is Windows XP Pro, the HDD a pathetic 80GB in size and the optical drive is a DVD-ROM (read only!) Yes, really. But it's under $150 to buy. Why would this be worth buying? Because it's a perfect XP PC. It has 2GB RAM which is all 32-bit XP needs (anything over 2GB for XP is overkill), and if you slap in a 256MB video card and a 256GB HDD, this is in fact an awesome thing to have for old-school XP gaming and also would work wonderfully for studio audio recording because of the desktop form factor.

So anyway, yeah, Wal-Mart is trying to offload all the old stuff that's collecting dust in their warehouses. There's some good stuff there as long as you know what you're buying, and a lot of it is dirt cheap.

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