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More Mac stuff

I have a correction: OSX's dock does in fact "stack" apps sorta/kinda like XP with the exception it will not tell you how many instances of that app is running. If I have four Firefox browsers open for example, I can right click the Firefox icon on the dock and then it will show all the current sessions open - but they're not numbered like in XP. I guess that's okay.. at least I have something to tell me how many instances of an app is open.

Today I will probably bite the bullet and install Final Cut Express HD. Being that I have confirmation that yes, I can import NTSC Widescreen (at least with iMovie), I'm 99% certain that I will also be able to do so with FCE HD as well. I'll be posting some stuff here on how that'll turn out.

A few more observations:

I played Diablo II for a few hours. Normally when I do that on Windows I get a "dull" headache after a while - but not on the Mac's display. I have no answer for why this is. I mean, I'm happy I don't get the headache, but it's an inexplicable thing.. what makes this display more "friendly" to my eyes compared to Windows? Maybe it's better I don't know. 🙂

I installed Yahoo! Messenger and AOL Instant Messenger (better known as AIM) just to check 'em out. The first thing I noticed is that there are no internet advertisements in them. Wow, what a concept; no ads in an instant messenger. Who'da thunk it.

I tried out a bunch of different widgets. In this instance I will openly state OSX beats the hell out of XP because they are so damned convenient. My favorites are "Weather" that comes with OSX and Radar in Motion, another weather widget. I understand that there are other weather programs that also show this info (my Pop has one installed on his computer), but this is just so much easier, it's very useful and hardly takes up any memory at all.

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