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more gmail goodness

I was able to transfer all of my inbox mail to my Gmail account, however, I can't do so with the "Sent" folder mail, because Gmail doesn't do folders.


What I did is forwarded all the Sent stuff as one big mail with everything forwarded inside. Seemed to work okay. It will be a nightmare to go thru if I ever have to find anything in there.. but oh well.

I am totally not used to using web-based mail. Haven't used it in a long time. I like the beta Yahoo! Mail interface way better, but Gmail is faster and doesn't have graphical advertisements everywhere. I'm willing to deal with the old-school interface for those reasons.

more connecticut peoples

A guy I used to work with back in CT is stationed in Orlando right now for some National Guard stuff. I found this out by checking his blog and there he was. So I sent him a message, he wrote back and we'll be hanging out on Saturday. Yee-haw.

To date, he's the only other guy I know that has GPS besides myself and my boss.

Last time we spoke he was thinking about moving to FL. Don't know if he's actually going to. Guess I'll find out on Saturday.

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