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more musicality

This weekend (or possibly before) I'm going to attempt to get some new tunes written and do the same thing I did before, as in just post them as free-for-download. They may sound like songs from Del Rey or maybe they won't. I'm still discovering all the new and interesting sounds of the Fusion synth - so some cool stuff will be arriving here soon.

I'm doing this for a few reasons.

1. Because I can. (heh)

I got the tools. Why not.

2. Almost every time I've tried working with anyone else there are always massive delays which usually lead to zip/zilch/nada. Sometimes that isn't the case, but most of the time that's how things fare out.

There have been two instances of this recently. One is a a collab project with a guy from work, but he's extremely busy all the time. He's just got a full schedule and has lots of things on his plate at the moment. The other is a project that's not exactly taking off like I thought it would (which I found odd).

But whatever, it's okay. These days when it comes to anything musical I don't set the bar too high or expect instant fame and fortune or anything like that. Guess that's what age and wisdom bring you. For that I am thankful - because I can enjoy my tunes more and it makes for easier writing. 🙂


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