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more reasons why i don't like the usps

Today I had to mail out a letter with Delivery Confirmation, meaning I had to go to the post office. The experience didn't totally suck, but it was enough to annoy me.

My local post office just moved into a new building, but managed to completely screw everything up. The location is actually worse than the one they used to have.

First, they decided to occupy a space on the side of a building instead of facing the road, and inconveniently did not post any signs saying where they are.

Second, the parking area is a nightmare. Spaces are way too close together (hello, door dings) and in the way they're situation it's really easy for someone to come careening by and bash right into your car.

Third, unless you know the "secret" way using the residential roads to get to the back side of the building, entering in from the front requires crossing three lanes of traffic on a really busy road - with no traffic light mind you - just to get in there. This literally means you could be sitting there for 10 minutes waiting to turn left to get in to the stupid place.

When I finally got in there today, there were three manned stations, two of which were broken with four bumbling employees not knowing what they were doing trying to fix the computers. This means only one station was actually working to handle the customers. I fortunately got in there when there were just two people ahead of me, but that quickly filled up where there were five people behind me.

I eventually got my letter mailed out, but the crap I had to go through just adds to the reasons why the USPS totally sucks.

It's no secret that the USPS right now is in huge financial trouble and might even go under. If it does, I won't miss it. Yes, it's true I'd have to spend 10 bucks to mail out a delivery-confirmed letter instead of 5, but at least whenever I go to a UPS or FedEx store, everything works, the lines are short, the buildings are easily accessible, there are internet-connected computers there I can use to print out stuff if I need to, and some are open 24 hours a day.

USPS missed the boat a long time ago by not getting with the times. They should have converted all their locations into office centers like UPS and FedEx did, but didn't. And they wonder why nobody likes to use them. Well, it's pretty frickin' obvious.


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