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Pop will be going in the hospital tomorrow for yet more hospital crap. Whether he'll be staying a night there or not I have no idea. I'm at his place right now and will be driving him to the hospital @ 6am.


Florida myth debunked:

Contrary to popular belief, Florida does not have bugs "the size of golf balls". Not anywhere from Inverness to Tampa anyway.


Your tax dollars at work:

Tampa Bay Interstates. Very informative web site. It's cool because they tell you everything about what's going on with the highways. Start dates, estimated completion dates and everything inbetween. Heck, they even tell you how much it costs. Not bad a'tall. I like it.

Granted, other states have web sites like this also, but MyTBI is far easier to use. You can get to the info you need to get to quickly. Big plus.


Still waiting on the news I aforementioned. Stay tuned. 🙂

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