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move over

I happened to turn on the tv for a few minutes last night and saw a news story about the "move over" law in Florida, which in brief is this:

If you're traveling on the interstate in the far right lane, and you see that a cop has pulled someone over, you move a lane over (to the left, obviously). If you can't move a lane over, you slow down to 50mph.

Seems to me this would be common sense. Even before I knew this was law in this state, if I see anyone pulled over on the right, I move a lane over and/or slow down. I do it because I don't want to smash into a car door if the driver should swing it open for whatever reason.

Evidently in Sarasota, people don't seem to get the hint. Yesterday the local police pulled over fifty people on I-75 for failing to do that. Each one received three "bad" points on a license (and that's a lot) plus a $118 fine.

What gets me is that this is not a difficult law to abide by. I mean, yeah, there are some dumb laws out there, but this is not one of them.

I think the reason I'm good at following "common sense" laws like this is from my New England interstate driving experience - particularly in Connecticut where the cops are well known to be strict. Connecticut was one of the last states in the USA to grudgingly bump up some of the interstate speed limit to 65mph. They just outright didn't want to do it. I remember when they finally did in 1998. Even though everyone said "YAY!", there were tons of arrests those first few months. It was like CT was saying Yeah, enjoy your 65. BUT DON'T GO OVER. They were also super-strict with vehicles pulled over during the beginning of the 65mph era, hence the reason I knew to just get the frig out of the way. 🙂


To this day, I still hear stories of people getting pulled over in Northeastern CT, mostly for speeding (and by the way, 85mph is considered "reckless" in those parts according to the letter of the law).

I drove on I-395 in CT for a long time. A really long time. 75mph is outright dumb on that road, never mind 85mph. It's a limited access highway with only two lanes per side. There's absolutely no room to move. When you're flying along at 75mph or above, you are literally an accident waiting to happen.

If you get pulled over for speeding there, you deserve it. If you stopped for one second to consider how narrow I-395 is, maybe you'd think twice before punching the gas pedal just to make it home five minutes earlier.


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