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movie shoot locations

Many movies use real locations. Here are a few of my favorites:

The Quick Stop from Clerks

Location: 60 Leonard Ave, Leonardo New Jersey

Map image

This is the place Dante and Randal worked in. It is a real location and still in business as far as I know. Kevin Smith (director of Clerks) worked here at one point.

Sightseeing tips: Bear in mind the parking is a nightmare as seen in the photo; there's barely any room to park at all.

Ferris Bueller's house from Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Location: 4160 Country Club Drive, Long Beach California

Map image

In a few scenes during the movie you can plainly make out this house. During the pool scene where Cameron fakes drowning himself this was also the pool most likely used.

Sightseeing tips: House is most likely inhabited. Don't go trespassing.

Bridge jump from The Blues Brothers

Location: East 95th Street, Chicago Illinois

Map image

In the beginning of the movie Jake and Elwood jump the famous "crap-box Dodge" over this bridge while open to let a ship pass thru.

Sightseeing tips: Attempting to jump your car over the bridge while open is ill-advised. 🙂

Marty McFly's house from Back to the Future

Location: 9303 Roslyndale Ave, Arleta California

Map image

The back of this house is never seen in the movie and for good reason because it looks like crap.

Sightseeing tips: It is widely known that yes, this house is inhabited and to not bother the residents there. Do not go on the property.

Doc Brown's house from Back to the Future

Location: 4 West Moreland Place, Pasadena California

Map image

For fans of the movie this is the Gamble House.

Sightseeing tips: Unlike Marty McFly's house you can tour it.

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