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moving to facebook video

I've been testing several video hosting services, and it ultimately came down to three:

I've decided to go with Facebook.

Here's why: is awesome, no question. It's by far the easiest to monetize (you can attach a PayPal account very easily), gives you the most options for how you want to deliver your video and the service is definitely modernized.

HOWEVER, you can't mark any videos private unless you have a paid account. The reason this matters is because sometimes you may want to take a video off public view but not delete it. Having the private-video option isn't necessarily so you can have private vids from the start, but rather for a just-in-case failsafe, so to speak.

The lack of a private feature in the free version of was the deal-breaker for me.


This video service is well known to have the highest possible quality, the fastest delivery of video content to users, a perfect interface and is simply a joy to use.

There are two very annoying parts about free Vimeo accounts however.

First, for any video you upload, you are forced to wait 30 minutes after upload before it goes live. I hate that.

Second, you are only allowed to post one HD video per week. Now this isn't to say you're only allowed one video uploaded per week, but after you post your HD video, any other video you upload for that week will only be shown in SD. I am baffled as to why Vimeo does this, but that's the way they do things.


Facebook video doesn't have the options and Vimeo do, nor can you monetize it, but it's fast and offers something the others don't - social digs.

I use Facebook as my primary means of being social on the internet as do many others. Since I decided to open up a public presence there, the feedback I've been receiving has been nothing short of incredible. I truly enjoy using the Facebook site.

Ultimately it was the natural choice to go with Facebook for my video content, because that's what I use to bring my music to the masses. Sure, I could get the nerdy-cool options and Vimeo have to offer, but in the end it's the social part that makes the sell.

I asked my FB audience if they liked it when I posted video to Facebook. The answer was a resounding YES. That pretty much says it all right there.

For my new video content I'm posting teaser vids on YouTube like this to get my subs over to the FB side, and eventually at some point will stop posting content to YouTube altogether. When exactly? Most likely when my FB like count exceeds my YouTube sub count.


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