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Navigating in northern Dallas-Fort Worth Texas (it's awful?)

Example 2: Central Expressway "go-me-round" lanes

There's a road in northern DFW called Central Expressway which is on both sides of US 75 (one side north and other side south.)

This is an example of a go-me-round, as in the innermost left lane. It is a lane that is nothing but a big U. The lane directly to the right of that is also a big U, but that one requires you to go through two lights whereas the go-me-round doesn't.

The purpose of the go-me-round is when you need to change directions on the Central Expressway. Use a go-me-round, change from north to south or vice versa when you want. Sounds good, right?


There's a nice little surprise at the end of this particular go-me-round. Totally blind traffic from your right. It is required to crane your body around and look directly at the blind spot of your car just to see if anyone is coming and turning left. Traffic can also come from three other places aside from the blind spot. Those traveling straight across, those turning right off McDermott, and those coming out of the gas station. This is a very poor design. I made the mistake of using this go-me-round once. Never again.

You are better off taking the U with the two lights, even if it means you have to sit through both.

Note to anyone from TxDOT that happens to read this: The fix for that spot is placing a horizontal directional traffic light on the post to the driver's right, with a line painted on the ground indicating where the driver should stop to observe the light if red. Yes, I know this will cost money and yes, I know the entire intersection light system will have to be reprogrammed to accommodate for it. It is worth it to do this because that U in its current state is 100% useless without something telling the driver when it is safe to proceed. Better to spend the money to make that go-me-round actually usable.

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