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Navigating in northern Dallas-Fort Worth Texas part 2

Has my attitude changed in 4 months?

The last I spoke of this, I made mention of a few things that annoyed me about driving around northern DFW.

The annoyances are still there, but being the way I am, I wanted to figure out why the annoyances even exist. I dealt with Tampa Bay Florida traffic for over 10 years before moving to Texas, so why does Texas traffic annoy me so much while Florida traffic didn't? I needed to figure this out.

I think I can sum it up in one word: Sprawl.

Above is a dashcam video of me driving into Frisco. At the time of recording, it was a Sunday morning and the sun wasn't out just yet, so traffic was light. But had I driven that same stretch on a Monday at 12pm or 5pm, it would have been much different.

While true that Sunday morning driving usually results in light traffic just about anywhere, regular traffic usually isn't too terrible. But in northern DFW, you either get light traffic as seen above or seriously dense stuff, almost like an on/off switch.

What Texas does, at least in northern DFW, is that they build everything really fast, then improve the roads after people start complaining instead of planning things out beforehand. And this is only if any improvements happen to begin with.

From driving around and my continued map study, I've found some questionable road design decisions.

For example, this entrance to a major shopping mall directly off a 55 MPH highway with no dedicated turn-in lane? Bad idea. And the fact the entrance sign is obscured by a tree when approaching it? Also a bad idea.

Or how about at this intersection in Allen where people confuse the right lane as a thru all the time where they literally have only 400 feet to move one lane to the left, else they're forced to turn or crash into a concrete median just up ahead? Bad idea. This one could be actually "fixed" somewhat by hanging a sign directly next to the light which reads 'RIGHT TURN ONLY'. White sign, black text, red border. It needs to be that obvious. Yes, I know there is a painted arrow on the ground. It doesn't work and nobody sees it.

Northern DFW is loaded with crap like this. These are road design decisions made to deal with sprawl that the area was simply not prepared for.

But I know how this can be fixed.

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