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never underestimate the power of tape

Indeed. Why take a photo of something as dull and boring as 3M Scotch Matte Finish Magic™ Tape?

Because it saved my digital camera, that's why.

If you've read this site for any period of time, you probably remember me dropping my Olympus D-535 camera like a moron when I first got to Florida. [Edit: Correction, I never mentioned it - but I did drop it when I first got here.] On a cement walk no less. Oh no, I couldn't have dropped in on a nice soft tuft of grass. Had to be cement. Well, the battery door got screwed up when it landed. Since then, that little door sorta/kinda stays shut. Sometimes it will pop open just enough for the display on the camera to read CARD ERROR or something like that because the SD card inches its way out of its slot. I have to hold the battery door shut when I take a photo. VERY annoying.

I entertained the idea of buying another Olympus D-535 (I like it that much) but it still commands a hefty price of around seventy-five bucks on eBay (at present). Seems to have held its resale value quite well. I love taking photos, but not enough to spend that kind of loot at this point in time.

Then I had a novel idea: Tape the door shut.

So I did.

And it worked.

So I thank the people at 3M for making Magic™ Tape. It really is, well, magic. 🙂 And it saved me some loot.

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