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New Counter-Strike serv

Against my better judgement I have signed up for another Recon Gamer Counter-Strike server. What can I say.. I missed being an admin for a game server. It's going to be my last hurrah for CS. I will probably keep it online until the end of the summer. This time, however, things are going to be a bit different.

1. This will be a fun server only. I am not doing "pro" teams or any of that crap. There's going to be lots of custom maps, lots of custom sounds and just plain cool stuff that I like.

2. This is not Condition Zero, this is not Source. This is just plain old v1.6. The majority of the players out there use 1.6, that's a fact. I want a serv where the most people can play and have fun.

3. I'm not handing out "admin" to anyone. Ever. (grin)

4. There is going to be no registered web sites for this game server. I'm going to use the one that RG provides which is plenty good enough. 🙂

Anyone who wants to know the serv IP just e-mail me or IM me. I'm not going to post it here.. although.. if you go a server-lookup in the game it's really easy to find. My game name (Schecter) is in the title of the server. (grin)

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