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New 'do / Communication barrier

I ran some errands yesterday.

Two boxes of Fresca.

Sandwich wraps.

Honey turkey sandwich slices.

Vlasic "Ovals" (dill pickle slices).

Newspaper, donuts and coffee for Pop.

Jug of milk.

Breakfast cereal for milk.
Ah crap, forgot that.

Schedule an appointment for oil change in truck.

Get a haircut.

The haircut was the most exciting thing that happened, so as you can tell it was a really boring day yesterday. 🙂 I chopped my long hair and went with what's known as a "5" all around. Works for me. During my haircut, all the hairdressers in the place were complaining about some guy that was stalking one of them earlier. Around the time my haircut was done one of them bounded into the place squealing with glee, "He got thrown out!" and they all laughed. Security caught up with the stalker-guy and.. ahem.. "escorted" him out. 🙂

A German girl who's been chatting with me on ICQ says my web site is "very confusing". I would have to agree. I'm sure the online translator is having a wonderful time attempting to translate all my english slang and bad grammar. No, I'm not going to change the way I write. I will keep it as it is, flaws and all.

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