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new silver look

I felt that a change was needed for the look of my site so I decided to go with a gray theme that has a silver-ish look to it.

If you're using Firefox you will see nice roundy borders on the boxes. If using IE you will see regular square corners.

I have stuck to using larger fonts because I can read them better. And I've also stuck to making everything but the main content not white. For those that use computers a lot, sites that have all-white backgrounds burn your eyes after a while.

Yes I'm using HTML tables because of - you guessed it - IE 7. Whenever I try to do an all-CSS layout IE 7 is guaranteed to screw it up and not look correct. I don't have this problem with tables, so.. tables it is. 🙂

This is also once of those "less is more" designs. I dig it; it works.

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