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New TV part 2

I've been tinkering with my new Toshiba 26" 26HF85 HDTV monitor. Man is this thing amazing. I won't be getting satellite television until Tuesday-ish so I've been playing DVD movies all day since I got it.

Small side note: I find it ironic that I used to have my internet and television and now I will have them both through satellite. That's funny.

So anyway, here's what I've learned about DVD's and widescreen HDTV monitors.

1. Some movies do not take up the full screen.

I have five view settings on this tv. Natural, Widescreen 1, 2, 3 and Full. The one that counts is Full. Star Wars DVD's will take up most of the screen. Disney DVD's take up all of the screen, and everything else takes most of the screen. Even for the DVD's in the "most" department, the bars at the top and bottom of the screen are very small so it's okay.

2. Yep, it's a monitor.

This is a good thing. The picture quality is incredible. Text on screen is more readable, all subtitles on DVD's have no "blockiness" to them at all and it's just plain cool. Bear in mind this is a middle-of-the-road HDTV monitor, not a premium... but it sure acts like a premium.

3. Color is wonderful.

I love the color on this thing. Warm is actually warm and not just "red", cool is cool and not just "blue" and you can see a lot of stuff you don't see on a normal television.

4. Audio is great!

The audio is crisp, clear and you hear more things in movies. I thought my old Sony had good sound, but this thing... wow. It's amazing how far tv tech can go in five years. The best part is that I don't have to turn it up just to hear stuff. I can keep things at a lower level and still hear everything.

I'm very pleased with it. 😉

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