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new year, new wordpress theme

Being that it's the new year I figured it was time for a theme change, hence the new look.

For those keeping tabs, this is what's been changed around:

1. Back to two-column.

I thought the three-column format was a good idea but it actually turned out to be more annoying than anything else.

2. Top buttons.

I moved some stuff that was in the sidebar to the top, button-style.

3. Darker background.

Blacked out with a fading PNG that I used two themes ago and decided to bring it back. 🙂

4. Dark sidebar.

Previous the sidebars were a light gray. Now it's a single sidebar with a charcoal-ish color.

5. Verdana

I was using the newer Segoe UI font because it comes bundled with Windows Vista and 7, and is installed if you install Windows Live stuff in XP. However I'm finding that Verdana is far easier to read than Segoe UI, so I went back to using that. The title areas of articles for now is Georgia, but I may switch that to something else. Or not.

6. Tables

Sticking with "tradition", the code of my layout is more HTML than CSS based using good ol' tables. I do this because no matter how hard I try to make a complete CSS table-less layout, Internet Explorer or Firefox will screw it up on view. Tables don't do that; they always look perfect no matter what browser you load it with, hence the reason I use them to begin with.

7. Skinny

My previous theme was 900 pixels wide. This one with the elimination of the sidebar is 725. I actually prefer this because it's viewable on more browsers on mediums that don't have high resolutions like smartphones and Opera on Nintendo Wii.

And yeah, that's about it.

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