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Newest dumb product - Gillette Fusion

Quick quiz to every guy who has to shave his face:

Q: How many blades do you need on a razor to shave your face?
A: One.

Q: How many batteries does your razor need to shave your face?
A: Zero.

Q: How much should each razor you buy cost?
A: Way less than Gillette's newest crappy razor.

This product is dumb for one reason: Five blades. Yeah. Five. Evidently anything less than five just won't do.

This is a ridiculous product marketed towards the 18-27 market. Why it is ridiculous?

No one cares whether a razor looks "cool" or not. This thing spends its life in the bathroom, for Pete's sakes.

That whole "less irritation" b.s. can be easily remedied by using a good shaving cream or gel (like Edge gel which works quite well).

Dumb product.

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