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Nice knowing you as you once were, Reddit

You know how I keep saying that YouTube has the absolute worst community on the Internet?

Did you know it's so hated that there are actually people warning others not to post shout-outs to Reddit from YouTube (PDF) so that it won't infect Reddit with YouTube's stupid?

There is no community on the Internet that does not hate, and I mean hate YouTube with a passion, and Reddit is only one of a very, very long list of community sites/forums that wish YouTube would die and stay dead.

Unfortunately for Reddit, the glory days of it being a good community may be fast coming to an end, because YouTube is becoming increasingly aware they exist. As such, it won't be long before Reddit is permanently infected with YouTube's stupid.

I give it a few months before you start seeing a bunch of "YouTubers" completely destroying Reddit. The snowball is already in effect, and it's gaining in size.

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