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Nintendo Wii, Wii Fit and Balance Board bought

I've actually been considering this for some time, but I finally bought a Wii along with the Wii Fit that includes the Balance Board.

The total cost for this was $322.58. I bought it from Dell (financed of course thru DFS). Tax is included and shipping is free on an October promotion. From what I understand I don't think I could have priced it any better new. The Wii system was $245 and the Fit $77. Where I really saved the cash was on the free shipping (that would have been $20 and change) and the Fit because that normally goes for $90. Six months ago all this stuff would have run me around $360 with everything included, so I did all right.

I don't have these items physically in my possession yet, but it all should arrive next week.

There were three reasons I decided to get this stuff:

  1. Treadmilling, while effective, can be really boring.
  2. My sister.
  3. Cost factor.

Per the treadmill, what I do is watch movies while I do it. It works, but I have to keep buying movies because I've seen all the ones I have a bazillion times already. What happens is that I get bored and then stop doing it. That's a problem because I have to stay in shape.

My sister has a Wii + Fit and loves it. Yesterday we spoke on the phone and she spoke at length about it. This was pretty much the convincer I needed because I hadn't actually spoken to anybody that uses it for the same intent I want to use it for - to exercise.

I do understand that the Fit is not by any standard trainer's definition a proper workout program. It is purposely designed to be low-impact, however it's better than nothing and it's fun which is the whole point. What trainers fail to mention often is that working out is boring. Fit is fun. When you're happy you have a better time with the whole getting fit thing and want to continue to do it.

I also understand that Fit does not know the difference between fat and muscle. If you weight-train and have muscle mass, Fit will consider you "fat" even when you're not. This is supposedly taken care of with Wii Fit Plus that offers personalized training programs. But I couldn't care less about that right now. If I feel I need that I'll get it later on.

Talking with my sister also answered a few other questions I had about the Fit system.

Can it be used regularly every day without it breaking? Yes.

Does it seem mostly accurate with what it tells you for your health? Yes.

Do you feel better after using it? Yes.

Will it work on a standard tube TV? Yes.

Concerning cost, yes, $322 is a good chunk of money. However when financed thru Dell it's $15 a month and that's what I used as my base of comparison.

If I were to get a gym membership, it's $20 a month almost anywhere you go. This doesn't include the gas you spend to get there, the time it takes to go to and from the place, and of course dealing with the awkwardness of a gym. Let's not forget that you have to want to go. Three words: Screw all that.

If I were to stick to my treadmill-only thing, I'd have to get more and more DVDs. The cheapest way to do this is with a Netflix subscription. That's $9 a month. But I've known other Netflix users that simply get tired of the service, because to be honest for every good movie there are 50 bad ones. And suffering thru a bad movie while treadmilling isn't easy. Trust me, I know.

In the end, $15 a month for a Wii + Fit is a good deal. Furthermore it's a true gaming console so I can play other games on it too.

Speaking of which, this is the first new gaming console I've purchased since the Nintendo 64. No joke. Prior to that I bought a use PlayStation One. Never owned a PS2.

It will be interesting to see all the cool wi-fi stuff the Wii has and experience what a modern gaming console is like. And, hopefully, it will get me in better shape.

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