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no mop chop

I was with Pop today in Crystal River (that's a town in Florida) visiting some hobby shops because he likes his trains. All of them sucked. They had little to no inventory and the owners weren't helpful at all.

During the time I was driving around I figured I'd stop at a local barber shop and get a haircut.

Of all the shops I visited, not a single one accepts credit cards.

How is it possible to operate a business with a storefront in 2006 and not accept credit? Are these business owners still living in 1982?

Anyone who says "It's too expensive to accept credit" is full of crap, because I am a merchant myself and know exactly how much it costs. It does not send anyone to the poorhouse (unless you don't make any money).

Anyway.. I'll either get the mop chopped at Wal-Mart in Inverness or at SuperCuts in Temple Terrace. At least I know those two accept plastic without issue.

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