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no new pics?

Q: Why don't I have a ton of new pics here?

A: A few reasons.

1. The majority of state parks in Florida charge admission. That sucks. From $3.00 up. No cheaper.

2. It rained today.

3. Florida has a different definition of "park" compared to where I used to live in Connecticut. In CT, all official state parks have dirt, trees and trails. In FL, it can mean something as stupid as "community pool with a lake next to it". Ugh. What this means is that you have to do a lil' reading before heading out to make sure you can actually, you know, see stuff.

So anyway.. it looks like the next time I venture out to do this I'll have to shell out a few bucks. Not a big deal I guess, but in a sense it is because in CT I had access to a bunch of state parks for free. Then again the cost of living up there was 15% higher. So I guess the three bucks won't be that much of a stretch. 😉

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