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No soup for you!

I just got word back for the offer I made on the house. The answer was "It was not acceptable." Guess that means "no". (grin)

Ah well. Win some, lose some. At least I can say I tried, which is more than I can say for most people. I've also learned a things about financing, mortgages and so on, such as...

The bank will screw you nine ways to Sunday, all the time, every time. It is almost too easy to get sucked into a loan that leaves you owing money forever (or seems like that). It's better to just buy things outright, including homes.

Credit cards companies are better than banks. Sound like a crazy statement? Not really. If I want a $10,000 personal loan from my credit card company at 1.99% APR for the first year and 9% after that, all I have to do is make one phone call and a check is in the mail. Done deal. Were I to do the exact same thing with a bank (and I've tried), the first response is "12%, nothing less". Now while it's true the credit card company is a bank, they seem to be a lot more accommodating than your local branch. Why I don't know because I have a working history with both for about the same amount of time.

Live and learn, I guess. Fortunately I "learned" without taking a bath with my finances.

Being that I'm not going to buy a home anytime soon (evidently), I believe I will treat myself to a new Swatch .Beat watch. Considering the huge amount of cash I was just going to spend on a house which isn't going to happen now.. why not? It's either going to be the .Beat watch or some other useless thing. I'm feeling blue about not being able to buy a new house, so a little shopping therapy is definitely in order. Toys are good for the soul.


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