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no strings could secure you at the station

Title of this entry comes from a song that has, at best, confusing lyrics. But the song is cool.


I see the site

As far as my new host is concerned, so far so good. Everything has been working as it should be which is all I ever ask.

The strange (but good) thing is that it's just as fast as my old host. Maybe it's because I'm using three nameservers now (a first for me) instead of two? No idea. But I'm not complaining. 🙂

Also, at this point everyone should be able to see my site now, which is also good.


Waiter, there's a hole in my roof

Tomorrow is the big day; the sunroof gets installed in my truck. Price as I mentioned previously will be around $850 after tax.

Yeah, I know, there's lots of other things I should be spending my money on, but like I said, this is Florida. I can drive with that roof open almost all year. Can't do that in New England. Not a chance. Well, not unless you want snow in your car. 🙂

After I waste money on this (heh), the two things I need to do is get tires and possibly replace brake pads. The tires will be a maximum of $250 for four brand new tires including mounting and balancing. For brakes I'm just doing the fronts. Probably $100 altogether for both sides.

Both of these things are better-safe-than-sorry maneuvers. I don't have to get new tires or new front brakes. The tires have at least another 15,000 miles in them. The brakes could also probably go the same distance.


The bad old days

It's funny. Were I back in Connecticut I would have probably done all my standard winterizing stuff by now. Get an ice scraper, non-freeze windshield washer fluid, winter-specific wiper blades (the kind with the sheaths over them), a can of "de-icer" at the ready, purposely deflate my tires 2psi below recommended level for traction (normally 32, decrease to 30), and pack a towel.


Yep. One very cold and freezing New England morning my car door absolutely would not open. Very thick layer of ice around the door frame and very frozen shut. It took me the better part of twenty minutes carefully chipping away at the ice to a point where the door would finally open.

Then I hatched an idea. If in the future I shut the door on a towel, I could use it for leverage to open the door if it ever froze shut again. So that's what I did. I would position the towel above the latch nearest to the door handle sticking out just enough so I could grab it, then close the door on the towel. Works like a charm because I can use two hands to open the door; one on the handle, one on the towel. Breaks the ice right off and the door opens right up. Open slowly and it won't damage the weatherstripping at all.

(To my New Englander friends, a few notes if you want to do that: Don't place the towel on the door latch itself else you won't be able to open the door at all. And don't have the towel touching paint either.)

Ah, memories. Bad ones.

The only thing I ever worry about now is bugs on my windshield. 🙂

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