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no 'tubing / time / im

no vlogs here

The "'tube", so you know, is YouTube. I have two accounts there. A personal one and a "pro" one.

What I don't do, and probably never will do, is do video blogging, a.k.a. "vlogging". Over at YouTube, that's called "'tubing".


So why don't I vlog? Is it that I can't record video? No, I can record. Easily. Is it that I can't edit video? Anyone who knows me knows I can edit. I mean, sheesh, I have a college degree in videography.

I don't vlog primarily for three reasons.

1. It's a pain in the ass mainly due to the fact I don't have a webcam attached to my monitor.

2. YouTube is flooded with haters who love to make stupid comments.. just because. I really don't know why. I call these people trolls, but "hater" is now the preferred label of choice.

3. I don't like the way I look on camera. 'Nuff said.

the span of time on the internet

Since no one to the best of my knowledge has ever calculated the perceived span of time in internet years compared to human or real-life years, I'm going to do so right now.

One internet year = 0.1 calendar years


One internet year = One tenth of a calendar year.

How can I prove this? Check this out..

Anything that is popular on the internet only holds its popularity for just over a month. I'm not kidding. People's attention spans are that low. Furthermore, if it's anything "cool", it's completely lost its coolness by the time it gets on television.

Now ask yourself this: Can you honestly remember anything you did on the internet more than a month ago, much less a year ago? Probably not. I can't. I can barely keep up with what I have goin' on right now. 🙂

So, in short, anything popular now will be dead in a little over a month.

...unless you continually update and keep fresh content.

l/h w/im

I have a love/hate relationship with instant messaging. As of yesterday, I've gone back to using Trillian. I was using AIM 6.0 and Yahoo! Messenger 8.1.

AIM was ticking me off because it's now too bulky and has too much crap in it. My computer had to "think" about it whenever I wanted to open up something as simple as the buddy list.

Yahoo was ticking me off because it would randomly drop its connection for no reason. My connectivity is solid, so it's not my ISP's fault. And besides that, AIM never dropped either.

Since going back to Trillian, the chat windows and lists all come up lightning quick, connectivity never drops and I once again have all my IM accounts centralized.

Cool. 🙂

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