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I discovered two web sites that raised my eyebrow: WoW Detox and The Center for Internet Addiction Recovery (and yes their title is that long). I'm just going to call them TCIAR for short.

I have never played WoW. Ever. And I don't ever intend to. The fact that game needs a "detox" site just goes to prove that some take that MMORPG way too seriously.

TCIAR is actually pretty interesting because it lists types of 'net addictions that you wouldn't ordinarily think about, such as being addicted to eBay. I suppose if you think about it, the excitement of auction-style purchasing can be addictive.

Concerning online gaming, at my worst I was paying over $70 a month for a Counter-Strike game server. This was a while ago when I was living back in Connecticut. I was never really any good at the game, but the community was cool. But one day I just decided that enough is enough, canceled the server account and quit the game cold turkey. Since then I've barely played the game (maybe once every three to four months). As a matter of fact, it's not even installed on my computer at the moment.

Per internet addictions, I really don't know if I've ever had one. Granted, I spend a ton of time on the 'net, but then again it's a large part of my job and furthermore I make it a point to go outside often.

I see it this way: I did not move to Florida to spend all day in my apartment, and I did not spend a bunch of cash for GPS for it to not be used. I get outside and do things. Maybe not great things at the present time, but I at least get out there and that's what counts.

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