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not exactly what i envisioned

big dvd set

(Note: the "not what I envisioned" part comes after this part)

My boss has given me the rather large task of putting together a 4-disc DVD set. And yes, for those who are coming from the biz site, that does mean there's going to be a big-ass compilation of tutorial stuff in the future. I can't say much about it at this point because it's still in production, but this is the largest project to date. In other words, it's frickin' big. Big in size, big in content, big on everything. The first disc alone is already clocking in a over 1 hour 30 minutes in length - and that's without the extras.

Like I said, big stuff.

Although most people do not realize this, these tutorial DVD's being offered are truly an industry first. No one else does multi-disc sets like this with this level of quality.

I am extremely pleased to be involved so heavily because it is groundbreaking stuff.

feelers part 3 (part 2)

(this is the "not what I envisioned" part)

Over the weekend I jammed with two separate groups of musicians.

The first was two younger guys. Spot-on. Deadly accurate on the drums and acoustic guitar. These guys are going places. I have no doubt about that. After the jam I was told several times I was the best of the people they'd tried out so far. But I don't know if my style meshes with theirs properly.

The second was a group of guys my age and slightly older. Very laid back. Didn't really get a good vibe from the experience. The guys were fine and everyone could play very well, but the jam wasn't all that inspiring.

The first group made it very clear they want to be touring in less than a year. That means a lot of travel and I don't know if I'm willing to do that. To be frank I don't really want to unless it's local Tampa Bay gigs only. I have absolutely no desire to go outside the State of Florida because I truly love it here.

The second group in addition to be uninspiring didn't really have too much direction. They weren't really sure what they wanted to do.

So I got one group that's gung ho to take over the world. The other is the exact opposite.

I'm not being forced into any decisions. For all I know, both groups may have no interest in me. If that were the case it wouldn't bother me because I am in the "testing waters" phase at the moment. But if either show interest I guess I'll see what happens.

. . .

I am reminded of one thing however - my sound (in which a few are familiar with) can only be accomplished by one person: Me.

What I'm probably going to mash together some orchestral stuff with electronica and rock guitars. A weird mix, to be sure... but it should be something I'm actually happy with. The only problem is that it's going to take a lot of work. 😉

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