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nov 5

smoking update

Starting this week I am going to attempt to not smoke a cigarette more than once per hour. Last week I did really good and did not smoke more than once every half-hour, which included many instances where the time was a lot longer than that. I only cheated once (and only once) in the span of seven days and that's acceptable because it was very early in the week.

I figure if I was able to "survive" with the half-hour limitation, the one-hour limit might just work.

For the past six hours I've had only six smokes. Cool! Well, not cool that I'm smoking, cool that I'm smoking much less - to the tune of 50% less.

I can definitely tell because every time I light up a smoke I feel a high.

. . .

tech talk

For a good long time I've been outright avoiding tech talk on my blog because I felt that no one particularly gave a crap about that sort of stuff. However I forgot one thing - computer nerds use the internet more than anyone else. To this day I still get search engine hits on really old stuff I wrote about tech related stuff.

What this means is you're probably going to see more of it because there are tons of things I've skipped writing about just because I was avoiding the subject.

And with that said my next post will probably be something tech-o-rama. 😀

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