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After recently visiting the best web design site in the world, I checked out Vincent's Biggest Web Design Mistakes for 2004.

My site violated faux paus #9, which is Forgetting the Purpose of Text. For some strange stupid reason, the text here was small. It wasn't illegible, but still small. So I bumped the font size. Looks good. Much easier to read. (grin)

On a different note... I was searching really old blog archives from 2001 on another blog site - and I've come to one inescapable conclusion: Anything cool on the 'net always does one of two things. Either it will a) vanish or b) change into something corporate and stupid. Just about every "this is neat you should check this out" link I click from blog archives over 3 years old is gone or redirects somewhere stupid and unneat. Blah. 🙁

Sad. But what ya gonna do.

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