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now is later

In a super-secret location (my USB pendrive) I have the treatment for my full 120-minute screenplay, or what should be about 120 minutes. This is something I wrote a while ago and then shelved it.

What amazes me the most is that this treatment is (I think) well over a year old. Possibly almost two years at this point. As I read over it I sat back and thought Wow... because the story is actually pretty good. Well.. good as far as I'm concerned. 🙂

Quick note: A "treatment" is a screenplay in short story form. You need this as your guide of sorts so everything falls into place when you write for the screen later.

There are thirty-six scenes, several of which are shorties for transition purposes. One scene in particular states (in big yellow text no less) "FIX LATER". So I guess now is later, maybe? I may have a go at that and fix it up.

It is amazing to me that I actually got the treatment done to begin with. I think the whole reason I shelved it afterwards was because of the crap I was dealing with in my life at the time. I wasn't happy with my living situation, or with my job, or with my music and so on. It's safe to say I wasn't in the best place to spawn any new creativity per sé.

But maybe now's the time to get back on track with that. The living situation is good, the job is good, my music is doing great, so I guess I have no excuse. 🙂

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