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nuvi 205 - track log is cool!

I actually discovered this on a goof.

The track log is a record of everywhere you've been. It's normally hidden. When you unhide it you see this blue line on the map when using it on the nüvi.

On the nüvi itself it's not all that useful. But when you load it into MapSource, that's when you see how cool this is. You get a record of everywhere you've been, sorted by day and stops during the day.

I use MapSource to backup my favorites. But when I plugged it in recently to do just that, I noticed I could download Tracks.

Like this:


"Oh? What's this?", I said.

I found out.


The nüvi literally does track everywhere you've been. And when loaded into MapSource you can see the routes directly on the map.

That's just plain cool. Being I have in on whenever driving it logged everywhere I went. What I get to inspect in the track log afterwards is:

And you can go even deeper with point-to-point reports, like this:



And yes you can reset the log if it bothers you. Just go to the "My Data" section and clear the "Trip Log".

This is serious power-user GPS'ing here. I've never been able to access this kind of data with other Garmin units I've had.

The 205 just keeps getting better and better.

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