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Office Jesus

Proving AOTS is the coolest show on television once again, Office Jesus loves chicken wings.

I literally laughed out loud at this one for the following reasons:

Jesus is depicted as an arrogant jerk.

Jesus works in an office - yet keeps those stylin' robes.

Jesus' ringtone is the Hallelujah chorus. Only from being raised Catholic could I recognize that. To the person who produced that bit, whoever s/he was, yes, I noticed - good call (bad pun intended).

I have been involved in those "someone in the office got hurt, let's have a moment of silence" things for some person who I've never met, probably never wanted to meet and couldn't give a crap less about. If you think I'm an idiot for thinking that - that's okay, because I know for a fact others feel the same way, to the tune of "Well, at least this keeps me from doing actual work for a few minutes."


If you liked that one you'd probably like Office Jesus - Coffee too.

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