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officially de-flickr'd

After spending way too much time on this (but unfortunately necessary), my web site is now 100% "de-flickr'd". However that doesn't mean I'm closing my Flickr account. I am keeping a small amount of images in there. Mainly Buick-related stuff. But it is all backed up just in case.

Flickr is unfortunately like most other web services out there, whereas it's really easy to get in but a huge pain to get out. In other words, it's a trap.

I am now officially out of the Flickr trap. Said honestly, it feels great because I absolutely cannot stand being tethered to a web service of any kind. Yes, technically I am tethered to my web host provider, but the difference is that I can pull a full backup anytime - and it quickly downloads in a nice n' tidy single archive file. I can do the same thing for my MySQL database for this blog as well.

Speaking of backups, one of these days I'm going to have to finish up the book (probably one of several) detailing the man behind the writings, i.e. yours truly. After all, the only real way to make typed up electronic documents permanent is to have it in printed form.

Making a book is actually really easy to do, even if you don't intend on selling it to the public. You can copy/paste your stuff into OpenOffice Writer, save to PDF, push to a self-publishing service and buy yourself a copy of the book - even if you just want one. And yeah you could just print it out yourself but you can't get the fancy-schmancy hardcover doing it that way.

Yet more things to get done on the to-do list. 🙂


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