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ohio (mostly) sucks

Unless your last name ends in Finley, Simon, Haylett and/or you work for Go Media, Ohio generally speaking is a big ball of fail. To my friends up that way, don't take offense. I'm ticked off at OH (once again) because I had to deal with one of their state departments yesterday. I can't really state what it was about (don't ask) but oh my freakin' God do they run things ass-backwards.

Here's the basic rundown.

The goal was simple. I was to call a specific individual in a specific department. That idiot's phone number leaves back an automated message that states almost verbatim "I don't take calls between 9am and 12pm, so you have to call after that." Okay, fair enough (but not really). So I do. The message is still there. The idiot never took the message off. I called a bunch more times. Same message. No option to leave a voice mail whatsoever.

I call the main department in the hopes I could have him paged and at least leave a voice mail. That department told me "I'll have to speak to my supervisor who will then have to speak to the manager that will then have to call the other building.." and BLAH BLAH BLAH. Nothing but a crapload of red tape.

End result: This was a state employee that I could not leave a voice mail to nor could I e-mail, never mind SPEAK TO. The dopey broad I spoke with absolutely WOULD NOT page him or even take a message. And yeah, this is a state employee! There was literally no way to contact this idiot - during normal business hours when he's supposed to be there.

Being that Ms. Dopey Broad wasn't willing to do her job, I said "Well! Thanks for nothing!" and hung up.

Ohio State Departments: FAIL.

And that's all I can say about that.

. . .

I know I say (for good reason) a lot of crap about Connecticut, but the one thing I never complain about is their state departments. This is because they run proper. Everything has a specific department that is staffed properly (for the most part).

Whenever I've had to call any Connecticut State department for any division, I can get a live person on the phone in less than 10 minutes. Any department. And if the department I speak with is incorrect and/or I need to speak with someone else, they will tell me the one I should call - and 99% of the time it's correct. Whether it's DMV, Judicial Branch or what-have-you, CT is on top of that stuff ordinarily.

The reason I've always stayed on the correct side of the law is because Connecticut will beat that into your skull. You do not screw with the law up there because you will always lose. I know more than a few individuals who have lost. It doesn't take much to learn that once the law is laid down, that's it. You take it, pay your dues (sometimes literally) and the lesson is given.

However the best part is that CT government will actually admit fault when they're wrong. I'm sure some would disagree with me on that point, but in every instance where they did me wrong, they did correct it - and quickly.

Per the Ohio b.s. I encountered yesterday, I can say this:

Connecticut would absolutely never have an automated message for a state employee that stated "I don't take calls until [this] time". Not a chance. Instead it would route to someone else. You would get a human.

In addition, if any CT state department had a lazy-ass employee that absolutely would not page/transfer a call and throw you into a sea of red tape, that employee would be fired right quick. New Englanders don't stand for that type of b.s.

. . .

Per the dealings I've had with Florida State offices, I will say that FL is very well organized. In fact the only time I've heard people complain about it is because they don't follow directions and are quick to blame anyone but themselves.

State, county and city/town government is very approachable in Florida. You can get an audience with basically anyone you wish. Departments are spaced evenly, staffed properly and run proper like Connecticut's do.

Where Florida beats Connecticut as far as government is concerned is in ease of use. Any form/application/whatever you fill out is very easy to use, legible and straightforward. The people you speak with via phone are always friendly. You never receive a snotty attitude.

I'm 100% sure that anyone I know in CT would be absolutely shocked at how smooth the Sunshine State operates if they lived here. I sure was; it continues to impress me.

. . .

Lastly I'll just say this:

Per the dealings I had with Ohio, I got sick of their stupid "we don't do it" attitude and called up Connecticut to take care of business.

When CT is against you, yeah, like sucks really bad.

But when CT is on your side, you're lovin' life because they don't take any crap from anyone.

Anyone from the Nutmeg state will never disagree on that point.


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