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Olympics on the telly

A little while ago I watched some luge competitions since the Winter Olympics are on the television. That sport is outright crazy. I simply can't image lying on my back traveling 90mph+ only four inches off the ice. Insane. I tip my hat to anyone that has the nerve to do that.

Watching the Olympics brings me back to a time when there wasn't any cable television and there were only three major networks, that being NBC, CBS and ABC. Everyone had an antenna on their house or "rabbit ears" on their tv sets. You watched the major affiliates for news, prime time shows and Johnny Carson, and the lesser stations (remember UHF?) for, you guessed it, cartoons. I still remember WTXX channel 20 in Connecticut from when I was a little kid. In the afternoons they had all sorts of cool cartoons on the air. I loved it. For all I know they still might. They are now a WB affiliate and have been for some time.. but I remember them before they were affiliated with any major network. (grin) I am happy they still carry their call letters. Some stations have completely abandoned them (like WVIT channel 30 which is now known as just "NBC 30").

NBC is carrying the Winter Olympic games this year, and as always they are a class act. The quality of programming is amazing, the attention to detail is unrivaled and they basically show everyone how it's supposed to be done. Good job, NBC. You've kept the same brilliant format for Olympic broadcasting as you've always done and it shows.

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