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on halloween

playboy-bunny-costumeWhy am I writing about Halloween on October 2? Because every single retail store started hocking their orange'n'black holiday wares last week. I guess that shouldn't surprise me.

Halloween is first and foremost a kid's "holiday." If you have kids, October 31 is their day and not yours. It is one of the few kid-related days of the year that parents don't mind so much because it is a cheap event. All that's required is buying the kid a cheap costume, taking him or her out to bug some neighbors for free candy, letting your kid bounce off the walls from a sugar high for a few hours, then call it a night. Fairly straightforward.

As far as adults are concerned who don't have kids, you either really look forward to October 31 or just pass it off as just another day. I'm the type who believes in the latter. The only special thing I do for that day is make sure I'm not on the road from 3pm to 7pm because there are a lot of kids tromping around going trick-or-treating.

I'd say the only thing I really like about that day is seeing girls in Playboy Bunny costumes because that getup looks so unbelievably slutty. The outfit just screams "slut," and that's cool in my book. 😀


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