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On the offensive

Pop and I were going to go look at three houses up North, but today the real estate sales agent called us and said two of the three houses were sold already.

That ticked me off because it all happened in less than two weeks.

I went on the internet and picked out five houses.

I called the realtor office who was selling them. I was forceful in the way I spoke, purposely railroading my words. I told her that we've been calling real estate sales agents who have promised us we could look at houses only to have them sold out from under our feet before we even got a chance to look at them. I told her about the five houses and that I wanted to set up a showing.

I got a lot of um, ah, er verbal stumbling from her.

Yeah, I'm from Connecticut, and I want everything done yesterday. Get used to it.

Finally she said "Well, I'll have to call several agents, you've picked a wide spectrum of homes." That's right, I did, and I want to see them. I'm sick of getting the runaround.

She took my number and said I will receive a call either tonight or early tomorrow.

If I don't get a call by noon tomorrow I'm calling and hollering - bank on it.

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