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On the rebound

I find that I have an uncanny ability to rebound from even the most dire of situations. Call it an Aries trait; it's definitely something I truly like about myself.

What I'm doing now: Downloading movies illegally. Yes, it's true. God Bless Limewire.

Tomorrow I have some other jobs to apply for like I said before. I'm going to practice the Mainer way of applying for jobs: Don't wear a suit. At Microdyne, I wore a suit to the interview. I've always worn suits to job interviews -- that's the way it's supposed to be. Evidently it's not up here. Could it be that the suit prevented me from getting a job? Stranger things have happened I suppose. Do suits intimidate people up here or something? I dunno.

So, on the 'morrow I will don by finest t-shirt and jeans and see what happens. If I actually get work dressed like that... the world's changed more than I thought.

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