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on the track again

Pop update: Sis and Pop are on the Auto Train heading south as I write this. Called Pop up a little while ago and got the update. He says the Auto Train is very nice and that trains have come a long, long way since the last time he was on one (twenty-ish years ago?) Food car serves excellent food, the "roomettes" (as they call them) are comfortable and you don't even feel the tracks underneath you while traveling. Good deal.


Brent Simon will be appearing on Jimmy Kimmel LIVE on June 22nd. I kid you not. All of us at WAAN are very excited about it.. So you see, it pays to be a nerd. In a big way. Watch for it on ABC.


In music stuff, I do plan on releasing something new but I'm not going to put a definitive date on it. I already put out two releases in less than six months, so.. I can take it easy with the next one. 🙂

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