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Back when I was living at the stomping grounds, if I had known that all I had to do was complain about where I lived under an anonymous name to have a super-popular blog, I seriously would have done it.

Actually, on second thought.. maybe not. I don't know if I could take that kind of hazing as I'm 100% sure the author gets craploads of nastygrams on a daily basis.

Then again I get nastygrams (in the form of blog commentary) by Mactards and Linux fanboys at my job routinely. But still.. nah.

Regardless, I hold the D-Burg's Finest blog in high regard. Truly.

What's amazing at this point is that it (as in that blog) has attracted not only the teen readers, but the tweens and my generation as well.

I hope the guy is making mad loot off of the t-shirts he's selling. He deserves it as far as I'm concerned, said sincerely.


Concerning my sickly status in my last post, I'm now back at about 90%. Fortunately this sick seemed to come and go fairly quickly. My body in usual fashion instructed me to sleep, sleep and sleep some more. So I did. Now my sleep schedule is all screwed up (again) and I'll most likely snooze the day away, but at least I'm well. 🙂


I scanned the CL personal ad postings just to check them out, and as usual the listings pretty much sucked. Bleah.

Part of me wants to say that being single sucks, but to be blunt honest I truly don't feel that way. The last relationship I had completely burnt me (in more ways than I can count).

What I plan on doing in the future (how soon I don't know) is to just go on regular dates, as in movie dates. I'm not going to chase ass (and haven't in some time) nor do I have any desire whatsoever to have a girlfriend again any time soon. I just want to go out, see a few flicks and well.. that's basically it. I've done this a few times before since being in FL. What I do is simply program myself to think "I am doing this to see a movie. If she turns out to be an idiot, don't worry about it." And I'll tell ya, it's a good mindset to have because if the date sucks, whatever.. you get to at least see a movie and hopefully it's good. 🙂

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