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one forty-four ante meridiem

It's almost a quarter to 2am as I start writing this. Before the stroke of today I watched a movie I bought yesterday. As my DVD collection increases I notice that quite a few of them have special effects done almost exclusively from ILM. It's safe to say that company is responsible for putting the magic (pun intended) in many of the movies I like.

Later today I will be heading north to see Pop. He needs his lawn mowed as usual. I don't want to do it. But he has a riding mower so it's not all bad.

As I was in the middle of writing this some idiot put a snide comment on my most viewed video on my YouTube channel. That idiot was blocked and comment removed. Fortunately, comments like that are rare on that video, hence the reason I can remove them easily.

Upon reflection, I think it would have been funny in the office tour video to put velvet ropes in front of the door to Dave's office. The ropes would be manned by some crusty old dude in a suit named Geeves. I would try to enter the office, Geeves would see if I was "on the list," I wouldn't be and he wouldn't let me in - even though Dave is literally 10 feet away and can hear everything that's going on. Either you get that joke or you don't. (heh)

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