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one one eleven

There's been a few minor changes here.

Ads be gone

All ads are gone and have been for over a week, so if you were using an ad blocker to browse this site, you can turn it off because there's nothing to block anymore. 🙂

Facebook mini box

What replaced the ad box in the sidebar is a mini version of my Facebook fan page.

Email updates are back

I re-enabled email updates. See the icon below the Facebook box on the right. I'm using FeedBurner for that because it's the easiest to use and it's free.

Stuff I'm not doing anymore

Unless you were really paying attention (heh), you'll notice I haven't done anything GPS-related here in a good long time. This is because the GPS market is primarily a bunch of whiners the same way the smartphone market is. For example, if I put many man hours into a GPS-related product and offer it for a measly 5 bucks, GPS folk get all sorts of whiny about it. Sure, they'll spend $300 on a GPS unit, but 5 bucks for an add-on? Oh well, that's just wrong now, isn't it? So screw 'em. Smartphone users are the exact same way. Charge 99 cents for something and they consider that highway robbery for a phone they spent over $100 for. What...ever.

Another thing I dropped doing was AssociatedContent stuff. Yes, they pay, but it's not worth my time to do it. Yahoo these days is a dead horse anyway, and unless something miraculous happens with that company - which isn't happening by the way - they will fade into obscurity quickly.

Stuff I am doing and future plans

Obviously I'm all gung ho about the Facebook fan page and am very pleased with the results from it thus far.

An instrumental album is back on the table again. I shelved this idea because I figured that nobody would be interested in songs without singing in them. I was wrong. People are interested.

The next question people usually have is whether I intend to perform live. Currently the answer is no because I have no live gear, and Tampa Bay while a big hot spot for music recording isn't for music performing.

Granted, Tampa Bay is a far better venue compared to where I used to live in New England and gigs are easy to get, but the deal is that all the bands around here want to be "working bands" - and that sours me big time. There are musician idiots here (and pretty much everywhere) that all say you have to "pay your dues" by performing cover songs. I don't buy that for a second because that's 1980s/1990s thinking, so screw that right in the ear, because absolutely none of those dolts have ever gone further than their own backyard.

I do plan on doing covers on my instrumental compilation, however it will be done my way. My style, my flavor. I consider 'staying true' to an original absolutely stupid because it brings nothing new that hasn't been heard before.

Here's a few quick examples of covers done right that were the same song but done much differently:

Original: Superstition by Stevie Wonder
Cover: Superstition by Stevie Ray Vaughn

Original: Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson
Cover: Smooth Criminal by Alien Ant Farm

Original: I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor
Cover: I Will Survive by Cake

That's the kind of covers that are just plain cool, and something you absolutely do not get with a working cover band - ever.

Anyway, my first official release of guitar work may be just cover tunes, but again, my way. 🙂


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