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Online addictions

I've been hearing a few people around the office talking about this game called EverQuest and that it's severely addictive. I said to myself "Okay.. how bad can it be?", so I did a search and found this (PDF). Yeeee-ikes. I am so happy I never played that damn game.

Even though I wasn't anywhere near the obsessive nature of the guy who killed himself because of EQ, I was similarly involved with the game Counter-Strike - a game I quit cold turkey. Put it this way, it cost me 80 bucks a month at one point. I had my own game server, team web site and put massive hours (on a daily basis) into the game. I did that for several months. Then one day I just woke up and said "This is stupid" and stopped cold. The server was dropped, web site shut down, and I haven't looked back since.

The sad thing is that I've known other people who pay their hard earned dollars to subscribe to games like EQ and others. I personally believe that pay-to-play is dumb. Actually, it's beyond dumb. Anyone who would get into a contractual agreement and pay money just to play a game is beyond me. I admit, I did pay-to-play twice (just twice) with Yahoo! Games, but that was it. After that it just seemed ridiculous.. which it is.

There is always something negatively addicting when it comes to the 'net. When I first got online, the big danger was chat addiction. After that it was instant-message addiction, then the online personals addiction thing, then the online games came into play and that became the dangerous addiction - which still reigns to preset. Who knows what the next dangerous addiction will be.

Whatever it is - I'm 99% sure I won't be part of it, unless I start it. (grin)

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