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opera 10.50 on a netbook

If there's one thing that's ticked me off about using my Dell mini 10v netbook (which I do use often) is that modern web browsers suck on them. Why? Because they're so frickin' bloated and dog-ass slow. However, Opera 10.50 was just released, and I'm using it to type up this bloggo.

Verdict? It's good. Better than good. Great, in fact. The reason? Speed. This thing is just as fast as Google Chrome without having to use that craptastic browser. I'm actually really happy with it, particularly when using the WordPress interface, which is a nightmare to work with in Firefox or IE8.

Opera 10.50 gets my thumbs up. I'll be writing a work article on this later in more detail.  If your browser has turned into a slow piece of crap, install Opera. You might like it so much that you use it all the time.

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