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Out of exile

I'm taking a small break from a redesign of menga dot net right now. I've decided that with the redesign I will link my blog. As far as I'm concerned, it's time.

Concerning any rumors circulating around about me, they're all true. Or they're all false. It's 50/50. Or 70/30. Maybe 30/70? Gotta love those gossipy people. Especially the ones who read this and say to themselves HOLY CRAP! HE'S BLOGGING AGAIN! and then read and read and read and well... you get the idea. I'll give 'em credit, they rake in the web site hits and increase my site's popularity. If you happen to be one of those people, I'm sure you'll read every single thing since since last you knew of my blog, so go ahead. Infuse yourself with the boredom that is my random ramblings. 😉

I blogged about this a while back but my Pop is doing okay. While he still hasn't regained full mobility just yet, he should be able to move around on his own in a few weeks. Maybe less.

Yes, it's true, I'm in the process of writing a full length movie. The goal is around 80 minutes. Whether it will actually happen or not is dependent on a few factors (none of which are too interesting to mention here), but as I blogged about just recently, my goal is to have an actual showing in a real movie theater. I think that would be just plain cool.

It's also true I will be releasing (sooner or later) a collection of my music stuff. It will be available to purchase on compact disc thru CafePress. Honestly speaking I don't care if anyone buys it, I just want to do it to say "I released something". It will have full liner notes and maybe some pics. None of it will be anything that anyone's heard before that know my previous works.

..aaaaaand that's about it. Now you can commence visiting my site five times a day to see if I've written anything new, because, well... you have no life. 😉


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