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outrageously normal

Nu Shooz

I bought a new pair of sneakers recently. As usual, they're Starter "Walking" footwear, because, well, I walk with them. It's kind of funny that there are a ton of people out there that literally can't remember the last time they ran anywhere.

I wear supports in my shoes due to the fact I have flat feet (ah, another factoid about me I bet you didn't know about). This time around I decided to be brave and get those Dr. Scholl's "gellin'" thing-a-ma-doo's.

My official review: Comfy. "Outrageously" comfy? No. Just comfy. You'll get the same comfort level out of most other add-in insoles.

It's safe to say that the comfort of your feet largely depends on the quality of shoe you buy. If you go cheap, an insole isn't going to turn that shoe into an "outrageously" comfortable thing.

So you know, the footwear I wear isn't "Florida standard", which is anything open-toed. Down here there is literally no reason to wear close-toed shoes other than for professional reasons, such as an office job (and even then it sometimes isn't required).

Eventually I will get something open-toed sooner or later. 🙂


Yet another Connecticut contact

A girl I dated fourteen years ago contacted me on MySpace yesterday (hi Jen). Cool beans. She's turned into a gamer girl which is nothing short of awesome, because girls who use computers and play video games just rock your socks. Truly. They are the ones who "get it" in my opinion.

For those who don't want to do the math, I'm thirty-one now, which means fourteen years ago I was seventeen.

Pretty neat, eh?


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