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over 100

Last month I decided that using a password manager was a good idea, so I downloaded one and started using it.

And wow has my lil' database been getting filled up. Big time.

I now have over 100 accounts listed in there. Think about that for a moment. Over a hundred. With no duplicates. That's insane.

However there was one account I knew I had that I couldn't get access to. It was on a forum that I registered an account with in 2005. And wow is that ancient.. for the internet, anyway. I got finally got access to it today.

How I regained access to the account is kind of an interesting story.

When I discovered the account, I couldn't login to it. And it was so old that the forum had been migrated but didn't carry over the old passwords. What you had to do is enter the username and registered email address, then the system would send a new password to you.

I knew the username but couldn't get the registered email address correct. I tried every single email I knew from back in '05. Nothing worked.

Then I thought, I wonder if I was using back then? is a domain I own but isn't active.

I said to myself, Well.. I'll try this but there's no way this can be right. So I entered the address I would have been using back then and wouldn't you know it - the thing worked.

But I didn't get the reactivation email because the domain was inactive.

I had to login to my web host provider, re-enable the domain and set up an email forwarder - which I did. I did that and had the reactivation mail sent again. Ta-da, there it was.

I logged in, updated what I needed to and it was a done deal.

Why is this significant at all? Because it was the last account I had personally created that I couldn't get into. Being I know it was mine and couldn't access it annoyed the crap out of me. But no longer. 🙂

2005 is old by internet standards, but my Yahoo account is truly old. Signed up for that on November 7, 1997. It's just weird that my Yahoo account is 12 years old, but yet it is.

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