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In search of the originals

Follow-up to my last post:

I got to thinking..

"If I like the original Star Wars releases better than the new ones.. why don't I just go grab the VHS editions from eBay?"

So that's what I'm doing. (grin) I saw a couple of 1995 releases which is just before the first re-release occurred. A few of them were only viewed a handful of times. Some are still in the shrinkwrap(!)

Should be good. My Christmas (or New Year's at this point) gift to me. (grin)


Found it. Got the original widescreen THX releases from 1995, the "pre-special" original theater versions. Was fortunate enough to find all three in one eBay listing. Price after shipping: 20 bucks. I think it's a good deal, especially considering the fact I was only able to find ONE original pre-1997 widescreen trilogy set.. one would think more would be available? Guess not.

I am hoping I will get the version with the original artwork.. but I don't think I will. I'm reasonably sure that I will get the 3rd release of seven, not including the LaserDisc release.

"Seven releases?"

Yep. Seven. I said in my last post there were three. There are actually five VHS releases (unless I've missed one) and two DVD releases:

1. Original release.
2. THX Remastered release
3. THX Remastered widescreen release
4. Special Edition "Gold"
5. Special Edition "Silver" Widescreen
6. DVD (current) release
7. DVD (current) release Widescreen

I think that's all of them unless I'm mistaken. (grin)

Maybe newer isn't better

I finally got the DVD disc set for Star Wars (the original three which are episodes IV, V and VI). In each movie I noticed George Lucas once again decided to change small parts here and there. This makes a total of three different versions of the trilogy set. There's the original (obviously), then the remastered VHS edition and now the DVD edition.

The movies are great with them all being so nice and crystal clear. The director's commentary is also very good - and yes I actually listen to that stuff. I think it's cool to find out how movies were made.

Around half way through The Empire Strikes Back I started getting a sinking feeling in my heart. The message going through my mind was more or less the following:

"Wow. So clear. So vibrant. So perfect. Too perfect."

Yeah. Too perfect. Everything just looks too good. It seems as if all the movies lost that cool cimenatic film look, replaced with cold digital perfection.

Love it or hate it, Star Wars is Star Wars. But in my humble opinion, sometimes this digital thing goes a little too far. Film is not meant to be perfect. The human eye prefers something more organic than synthetic looking. Well, at least my eyes do. The art of making motion picture films does have its flaws. I welcome the flaws. It's part of the experience.

Star Wars isn't ruined for me, but it will be a long time before I watch the films on DVD again. I just have to tell myself "Well, this is the way it is" in preparation prior to watching them next time 'round.

Fortunately I still have my old Silver Edition VHS tapes. They're old, very worn, grainy, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Cocoa Christmas Memories

My sister has been staying with pop and I for a few days before she heads off to Massachusetts (and then back to St. Kitts in the West Indies which is where she goes to school). So, the whole family is here.

So far, good holiday experience. I'm sipping cocoa. It tastes good. Very bad for me; it's all full of sugar. I don't care. It's Christmas Day. (grin)

All of us are in good health. Dinner earlier this evening was very good. The day has been calm and relaxing - the way it should be.

My pop has been watching football on television all day. My sister has been making phone calls and reading mostly. I have also been making calls and getting some stuff done on the computer.

I'm lucky.

Very lucky.

I have my health, my family, a few bucks in the bank and a good state of mind.

And my cocoa. (grin) Christmas Day was a good day this year.