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Band prac part deux

Band prac #2 was tonight. Went quite well. New riffs written. Stuff coming together. A drummer was supposed to show up tonight but didn't (got stuck at werk). However he might be able to come up Sunday. We'll see about that.

The other guitar player I play with currently in this band gels with my playing style very well - a rare thing. Usually (not to put myself on a pedestal or anything) I'm either too good for whoever I'm playing with or the styles clash entirely. Not so with this unit. It's actually working out quite nicely.

No band name has been chosen yet. That will come later. The music is what is more important right now.

Prac #3 is Thursday. Should be good.


Sidenote: Things will also be coming for my acoustic stuff shortly. I just have to put some time into it. I swear that I will get it done. (grin)

Google Caching a bit too good?

Website Publisher Sues Google over Caching

Read the above link. Good stuff. Turns out the site (yes, it's porn,) filed a lawsuit against the internet giant Google for caching full size images that subscribers to would ordinarily have to pay for.

Personally speaking I am not particularly fond of when search engines "cache" your web site for retrieval later. Granted, when you put up a web site - it's public. Some web sites state in their "Privacy Policy" or "Terms of Agreement" that you either can or cannot save a copy of the web site "for your own personal use" or something to that effect. Most don't. Most webmasters don't even think about it actually.

What you're supposed to do in order to avoid your web site being cached is put either a robots.txt instruction (described here) or a meta tag instruction (described here).

If you don't do what's listed above, every single web page (and image) on your site can and will be cached for retrieval later by a search engine (or two or three or more).


Band update

Look at this, two music category posts in two days. Who'da thunk it? (I thunk it.)

I didn't write this last night because I was just too damned tired. Yesterday afternoon the bass player and I trucked our gear (literally) to the practice spot. Fortunately for us our practice area is in a building that the vox guy runs a business out of. And he's got the whole building. This means no rent (YES!!) and we can make all the noise we want.

We arrived around 3:30pm. We set up our stuff. Shortly thereafter the second guitar player showed up then the vox guy arrived. Then we all started playing. We basically played almost non-stop until 10pm (for real). We also finished up the first rough version of a song. Neat-o.

Even with no drummer present (because we're still looking for one,) the vibe I got was pretty good. All of us are on the same page, there is no drama involved and no stress either. My largest fear was my "compatibility" with the music that was being played - but in reality I fit right in with it. Nice surprise there. (grin)

If things turn out okay we might start playing out in a few months. Maybe around March or April. And who knows, we might do well out there. I think we will. The biggest reason bands don't "make it" and break up is mostly because of unnecessary drama. Attitudes clash and whatnot. However (as I said a second ago,) all of us agree on the standard rule: No drama. Very good rule to live by.

It's all good. I'm in a great mood. (grin)